ILOVETOUR are proud to announce that sustainable development is an integral part of who we are.
We endeavour to ensure your sports tour follows our responsible touring strategies and pays attention to both natural and social environmental factors while committing to protect the environment and people in the countries we travel to.
How we help
  • We are the founders of Tourwatch, an organisation formed by a group of leading student sports tour operators to promote ‘Responsible Touring’ amongst its customers.
  • We conserve energy consumption within the office by turning off all electrical appliances over night and during unused periods.
  • Day-to-day office recycling includes sorting of paper, plastic, ink and toner cartridges as well as printing to recycled paper for non-client documents.
  • Supporting community projects – over the years ILOVETOUR have supported many local communities by donating sports equipment, clothing, etc. These projects include sponsoring the Barbados National Rugby Squad and the Maltese Netball Squad. We have also contributed to other community projects by providing clothing and sports equipment to local communities in countries such as South Africa.
  • We have provided voluntary rugby coaching.
How can you help?
  • Save energy – turn off electrical appliances when not in use - hotel air-conditioning, lights and TVs.
  • Learn the Lingo, how much do you tip, what are the local/religious practices?
  • Recycle and re-use. Finished with your sports tour brochures? Pass them on to a friend or recycle them at home.
  • Limit your packing - the lighter your baggage, the less CO2 we produce, so keep your luggage to a minimum.
  • Observe any policies your hotel may operate such as towel-and-linen policies.
  • Go local. Buy locally made souvenirs, take the bus and visit small, family-run shops wherever possible.