World Mental Health Day 2019

Submitted by StefanNic on Thu, 10/10/2019 - 12:11

Today marks the passing of another World Mental Health Day, with mental health becoming a significant and prevalent issue within the University Sector.

We understand that ILOVETOUR needs to be proactive and reactive to any issues that occur to students when travelling with us.


Mental health problems can affect anyone, no matter what the time, the day or the place.

Therefore, ILOVETOUR’s focus for the upcoming season is Student Wellbeing. 

This focus will be there for students pre-Tour, during Tour and post Tour.


ILOVETOUR have always offered pre-Tour presentations prior to Tour covering topics such as wellbeing, behaviour and safety.

ILOVETOUR are now seeking to roll out these presentations throughout the UK, to any Student Unions who would like them.

Our annual Safety Campaigns are run nationwide prior to Tour to ensure the collectivism and mindset is there from everyone prior to their departure.


We understand being on Tour can sometimes be a high-pressured scenario for a large amount of people.

For some, it is their first time away from home. For others it is an exhausting experience with the long days and travel.

ILOVETOUR endeavour to provide support for students whilst out in resort by hiring ambulances and medical teams, along with bringing UK paramedics into resort.

We also provide all students with a 24-hour resort specific emergency contact number. So, if an issue does occur, we can resolve this effectively, regardless of the time, or place.

As vital as these resources are, we understand that this is not always enough.


For 2020, ILOVETOUR is proud to launch our in-resort welfare provision.

Supporting our medical teams, we will have a dedicated team of welfare and public service professionals available in resort.

If any mental health issues do arise, we will be able to offer the correct support needed. Even if students just need a cup of tea and a chat, ILOVETOUR will be able to offer them the space and support to do so.


Our online anonymous ‘report it and sort it’ system will be able to provide instant support to people if they don’t feel comfortable picking up the phone.

Often the first battle is picking up the phone to make that call, so the easier we can make it for students the better.


We appreciate that ‘Tour Blues’ is a genuine thing and understand issues that may have occurred whilst out in resort could be playing on people’s minds.

We work closely with Clarity - a crisis management after-care provider. So, we can provide the post Tour support that people may require.


ILOVETOUR has always prided itself on being at the forefront of Student Experience and Student Safety.

Now we want to pride ourselves in being at the forefront of Student Wellbeing.


Michelle CookILOVETOUR Operations Manager