Tour Squad Goals

Submitted by Luke.Farrugia on Sun, 03/13/2016 - 12:32
Tour Squad Goals

With all the sun, sea and sporting shenanigans which ensue on tour, comes the need for heightened awareness and responsibility, not only for your own personal welfare, but for your friends and fellow squad members as well.

ILOVETOUR have always advocated safety on tour, and 2016 is no different. So here are a few tour squad goals which we kindly ask you to consider, before you set-off on your tour of a lifetime over the next few weeks...

#1 Rule of TOUR Squad Goals...

Safety in numbers...Look-out for others as you would like to be looked-out for yourself. If you use your common sense, and remain assertive to what is going on around you, then we have every confidence you and your squad will have an unforgettable experience, for all the right reasons.

#2 Drink Responsibly...

When it comes to alcohol it's best to know your limits, and stick to them. Drinking excessively can put you in danger or result in a trip to the hospital.

Please rememeber it is also illegal to drink in public, so don't bring yourself or your squad into disrepute by drinking in public spaces or on the beach, save it for the bars and clubs, as you can be fined by the police if you are caught drinking in public.

Our motto is...Drink less, dance more.

#4 Eating IS NOT cheating...

Despite the urban myth that eating is cheating, food is actually one of your closest allies on tour, and will help slow down the alcohol in your system and keep you in control. What's not to love about Italian, Spanish and Croatian cuisine after all, its delicious!

ILOVETOUR strongly recommends you eat properly and regularly,  keeping well fuelled and hydrated, especially after playing sport and being out in the sun. You will also find free drinking water at all official ILOVETOUR venues, so there is always a fresh water drinking hole close by.

#5 su hotel es su casa...

For all the non bi-linguals, this translates to your hotel is your home, and therefore your responsibility. Any pre-existing damage in your hotel room MUST be reported on arrival, otherwise any damage noted after you leave will be charged to you.

Keep your door locked and your valuables safe, especially after returning to your room late at night. Be the responsible one to take care of your roomies welfare and check everything is in order before you turn off the lights and hit the hay.

Balconies can be very dangerous, so please DO NOT club over or mess around on your hotel balcony, and do not encourage fellow squad members to either please.


Whilst ILOVETOUR has a team of highly trained health & safety officers, patrolling the streets in resort 24/7, to help keep you as safe as possible, we will NOT tolerate for any inappropriate behaviour or indecency. The same can be said by the local police, who will be even more intolerant than us if they find you misbehaving or risking the safety of yourself and others.

So to ensure that you don't find yourself on the wrong side of the law, please remember that your actions do impact on others, and you really don't want to be ruining this essential life experience for yourself or your fellow squad members.


Visit our official safety campaign website for more information.