This is Tour 2015!

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This is TOUR!

Packing Top Tips

Let’s face it, you don’t need to pack much for tour; 4 fancy dress outfits, your sports kit and some swimming stuff for the beach, but there are a few essentials and you won’t get far without them!  

Here’s your checklist:

1. Eticket – print it from our website or download the ILOVETOUR app on your phone.

2. Passport – it’s a no brainer but there’s always one so don’t be that guy!

3. EHIC card – getting caught without one of these is expensive business.  Make the most of your free health care abroad and make sure your EHIC is with you on tour.

4. Soft bag – this is a biggie.  To fit everyone’s bag on the coach they need to be squishy and that means no hard shell bags are allowed. 

Setting off

 Make sure you are at your meeting point at least 30 minutes before departure so the coach can be packed up and everyone checked off the list in good time before.

The journey is a long one so we recommend you have plenty of games and entertainment planned for your team.  Our favourite is Coach Take Me Out but we’ve seen some very original ones over the years.  Just remember that most drivers do check for alcohol and will more than likely confiscate it as you’re boarding.

During the journey there will be plenty of scheduled stops for food, drink and toilet breaks.  Remember, the coach is your home for the day and you’ll be going back on the same one so look after it as best you can!

Arrival & Check In

There is no sweeter moment than when you roll up to your hotel and the coach doors swing open to mark your arrival on tour.  After the team tumbles out there’s checking in to be done. 

No one wants to get held up here so here’s how to make it quick:

1. Get a couple of people to go round the coach and fill a bin bag with rubbish (great job for your freshers!)

 2. Any alcohol you have with you must be ditched at this point.  It won’t be allowed in the hotel with you but the bar will be more than happy to offer you a cold beer while you’re waiting for check in.

3. Make sure all the passports are with the group leader.  The hotel will make a copy and keep these until you check out again.

4. At Saloufest and Festival Italia you will need to pay tourist tax on arrival.  Sort this out on the coach for a speedy check in.

 Tourist tax charges

Spain:  €2 per person

Italy: €1.50 per person

That’s it – head to the pool to chill and soak up the rays while your group leader collects the keys at reception.

 Need help?

Before you leave you can call our office team on 0203 617 7978 Mon - Sun 9am - 5:30pm.  When you’re on tour, your hotel reps are there 24 hours a day and they should be your first port of call.