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ILOVETOUR organise sport and study trips for thousands of University students each year. We pride ourselves on being the market leader in University travel.

Being part of TUI Group, the world's leading travel organisation, will give you a global name on your CV that will help kick-start your career in travel and events. 

If you're looking for hands-on experience our 44 week placement programme will ensure you never have a dull moment at work. We're looking for an enthusiastic, self-motivated, ambitious and sporty student to join our placement programme. 

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our current placement student gives you the low down.

If you want to know what it's really like working here at ILOVETOUR we interviewed our current placement student Amy.

Amy and Team

Amy (far right) with her rep team in Spain.


Which University are you studying at?
Bournemouth Uni.
What course are you undertaking?
BA (Hons) Tourism Management 
What are the top 3 things you are enjoying most about your placement?
Working in such a fun and exciting environment. To be able to sell, organise and support students in booking their Tour of a lifetime… it is not something to ever get tired or bored about - definitely not your standard office job!
Going on Tour 2015/2016… I had the opportunity to travel to resort both before the placement began and I will be there this Easter also. Whether it's Saloufest, Festival Croatia or Festival Italia…what a great feeling knowing I will be at the heart of the action and gaining so much experience.
The variety involved in the role. The days go amazingly quickly and weeks fly by due to the variety of tasks I am given and I am always busy! From the beginning of the year where I presented to students from Universities all over the UK, to kicking off sales season and then getting involved with operations in the lead up to Tour. There is a chance to experience every side of the company!
Why did you apply for this placement and how do you feel it will assist you with your future career direction?
I was interested in working for such an appealing and company which organised student travel. The ethos and nature of the business seemed like something I would thoroughly enjoy! A couple of key factors to choosing this particular job was opportunity to travel abroad throughout the year and the thought of presenting to students about their travel options was also an exciting prospect.
The number of things I have learnt from just being in the role 4 months is unbelievable! I have had experience in various aspects of business which will equip me extremely well for the future and these are without doubt transferable skills I can carry with me after graduating. I have now had experience in sales, operations, presenting, marketing and of course general business etiquette being in an office based role! The list goes on…
Using only 3 words please define what I Love Tour means to you…

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