Our resort staff chat about their time on tour - and why you should apply!

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Meet two of our awesome resort staff!

Meet Natalia Okeke a Student Assistant at Saloufest

Why did I choose to work for ILOVETOUR?
After being on tour as a student for three years in a row, I couldn’t quite face tearing myself away after graduation! Tour reps were a huge part in making my “Essential Life Experience” whilst on tour in Rimini and Salou and I wanted to get involved too. I wanted to be one of those over-smiley people who greet you from the second you reach resort to the very end so I couldn’t resist applying!
Where did you work and what did you get up to?
I worked at Saloufest as part of the Student Assistance Team and there was never a dull moment. Thousands of students, awesome sports venues, trips to Barcelona, boat parties, pool parties and sunny beaches make Salou an amazing place to work! As a Student Assistant, I was part of the team that looks after students as the sun goes down. We help with arrivals and departures, but we also get to see all the action at night; one minute you’ll be directing a group of bananas to the next ILT bar, the next minute those bananas will be overtaken by a huddle of ninjas. Repping is fun – repping in amongst hundreds of fancy dress outfits is even better.
Favourite thing about working for ILOVETOUR?
“OOH, TOUR FRIENDS!”. Seriously though, working for ILT can make you part of our amazing ILT family. Staff at the official bars, Student Assistants, Sports Staff, Hotel Reps and all the staff that work year-long to put the festival together – you’ll make friends for life! They’ll be there to support you in resort when we’re working hard, but all the hard work is worth it because we play hard too! ILT reunions will keep you buzzing from Easter to Easter until you’re ready to go back and do it all again. If you can see yourself as part of our team, apply now!


Meet Nick Cook, a Head Rep at Saloufest

Why did I choose to work for ILOVETOUR?
Firstly, ILT are the number one student sports tour provider in UK (if not the world), everyone likes to be the best and when you work for them, you are!  Being an ILT rep I gained invaluable work experience.  I genuinely love tour so ILOVETOUR was always going to be the perfect job for me.
Where did I work and what did I get up to?
I worked for two weeks during Saloufest 2014. I was a head rep which meant, I lead a small team of ILT hotel reps, giving them all the support and direction they needed to provide ILT tourist with their ‘essential life experience’.
The first day in Spain was orientation, getting adjusted to the town’s layout, having a refresher of training and getting split into our hotel rep teams. The next day the students arrived and we welcome them into the hotels. For the rest of the week myself and my reps split three daily shifts between us. This was so that the tourists in our hotel had an ILT rep on hand to help them with any problems during their tour. As an ILT rep you are on the frontline, acting as the face of ILOVETOUR to its customers - it means you get to take on a variety of responsibilities.
These are some of the typical tasks I undertook; I helped get sports teams off to their events every morning, I liaised with group leaders making sure they were treated well by the hotel, I assisted  tourists when they were injured or had lost their belongings and I sold ILT excursions to tourists in my hotel. The final day of Saloufest we checked the students out of their hotel and on board their coaches back to the UK. 
After all the tourists had left, there’s a massive staff night to celebrate the weeks’ tour! (everyone loves a good social) You get an awesome night out with all your new friends. Being an ILT rep was hard work but it was also huge amounts of fun, I’d definitely recommend it as is an experience not to be missed!
Favourite thing about working for ILOVETOUR?
When you are all pulling together to deliver the largest students’ sports festival in Europe it means you build a bond with your colleagues that is very unique. It provides you with some great friends- oh and of course you get to go out to Spain and eat Maxibons in the, that is always pretty fan-bloody-tastic!


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