Look After Your Selfie

Submitted by harriet.witchell on Tue, 03/24/2015 - 17:58

Keep yourself and your team mates safe on Tour 2015. ILOVETOUR is proud to be the market leader in student sports tours and safety is our top priority.

Team on Tour!

Everyone knows you don’t leave a man in the field! Stick with your team mates when you’re out so no one’s at risk on their own.


When it comes to alcohol it’s best to know your limits and stick to them.  Drinking excessively can put you in danger or end with a hospital visit.  Remember it’s illegal to drink in public including on the streets and the beach - if you  do so you may be fined by the local police. 


Don’t forget to respect your hotel, the staff, your fellow tourers and the locals. The police and ILOVETOUR staff will be on the streets 24/7 to help keep you safe but they won’t stand for any inappropriate behaviour or indecency. 

Eat Well 

Remember to eat properly and keep yourself hydrated especially after sports and when you’re out in the sun. Food will help slow down the alcohol in your system to help you stay in control & you’ll find free drinking water available at all ILOVETOUR venues.  

Your Hotel = Your Home

Your room is your own responsibility.  Any pre-existing damage should be reported on arrival and after that any damage found will be charged directly back to you.  This includes any staining from body paint so please remember not to use it for your fancy dress.

Make sure you keep the door locked to keep your valuables safe.

Use common sense to look after yourself and your mates on Tour and make sure it’s unforgettable for all the right reasons!