How to survive Freshers week in 15 steps!

Submitted by Emma.kelly on Tue, 09/23/2014 - 15:13

How to survive Freshers week in 15 steps!

If you’ve been on TOUR before you won’t be as daunted by the thought of non-stop partying during Fresher’s. After all, you survived tour, you can now survive pretty much anything.


However, if you still need some guidance, this is our ultimate guide, in 15 steps, to getting you through Fresher’s week. 


1. Go to your Freshers fair, freshers fair = free stuff!


2. Join a sports team... even if it is just so you can come on tour! 


3. Try not to blow your entire student loan during Freshers, remember this has to last all term! (and pay for your tour deposit)


4.FANCY DRESS, an essential part of the Freshers week process so make sure you come prepared; the local fabric shop will become your new go-to. 


5.Freshers flu is all too common. Having a bumper pack of Berocca to hand is our best tip!


6. Day time TV, you will watch this all too often, but try to restrict yourself to no more than 3 episodes of Jeremey Kyle a day!


7. Baby wipes, buy them! They will rid you of all permanent marker body drawings; it’s never cool turning up to lectures the morning after a night out with a moustache!


8.Try not to gain your ‘tour name’ during fresher’s week… any silly moments will remain with you and printed onto the back of your tour top. 


 9. Remember to set an alarm for lectures, there’s nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, getting showered and dressed, even leaving your room to realise it’s 5am and you failed to set your alarm correctly. (Yes, this did happen to our GM- learn from him kids!)


10. Nominate your friends flat for the pre-drinking/ after party venue! You will want some sleep during freshers and this will also protect your digs from the dreaded morning after clean up.


11.This is an important one, ensure you locate your local late night dining establishment, do they deliver? The oven is NOT your friend after a night out.


12. You will spend half your day de-tagging photos from the night before, so be prepared!


13. Gents – grow a little bit of stubble for this week. Even a full beard if you have the means! Being mistaken for a Fresher when you are clearly a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year is practically a crime.


14. Ladies- remember dry shampoo is your friend. There just isn’t time to wash, condition, rinse, treat, blow dry, straighten and style some days.


15. And finally, remember, Freshers Week (Fortnight if you are lucky), comes but once a year. Get out there, make the most of it and experience new and amazing things.