Festival Croatia – The top 5!

Submitted by Emma.kelly on Mon, 12/14/2015 - 11:43


Festival Croatia is fast becoming a legend in the Touring world! It’s grown in size once again for 2016, and is set to be out of this world!! Festival Croatia has so much to offer students – its stunning scenery, day time entertainment and unbeatable nightlife!!

It was tough to choose but here are our top 5 Festival Croatia highlights!




1. The Resort

I mean, wow! The resort is one of a kind; we’re talking full on luxury! Located in Poreč on the coast of Croatia, the resort makes Festival Croatia truly special. There’s a private lagoon with crystal clear water to explore and everything you need within walking distance – the sports venues, bars, clubs and restaurants. The resort is exclusively for Festival Croatia students – the atmosphere is unrivalled and the place is buzzing!



2.Pool Parties!!

Festival Croatia Pool Parties

If you love to party then look no further than the famous Festival Croatia pool parties!! We take over the massive hotel swimming pool, bring a DJ, play all your favourite Tour tunes and throw one unforgettable party! It’s the highlight of many students Tour!



3.Bars & Clubs

Festival Croatia is becoming well known for its nightlife and entertainment. With 3 bars in the hotel, and an array through the resort you are guaranteed a great night out. The resort club, Byblos, tops the charts for the best night out in Croatia and comes highly recommended – it is also the biggest club in the whole of Croatia!



4.The Boat Party

Festival Croatia Boat Party

If you know how to party we recommend getting yourself on board the Festival Croatia Boat Party! It’s one of our absolute favourites, 3 hours of sailing in the sun, beautiful sea, Croatia scenery and of course non-stop partying! The all-inclusive bar is also a must visit!



5.The Town

If you fancy getting away from it all for the day – head into the main town of Poreč. A picturesque town a short bus ride from the resort. The town is 2,000 years old and makes for a great Instagram shot of the historic buildings and surroundings.


That's it - those are our top 5 Festival Croatia highlights! We can't wait to head back for two weeks in Easter - if you still want to join us give us a call on 0203 617 7978!