Submitted by Emma.kelly on Wed, 08/20/2014 - 12:15
Alex tour

One year ago I was wrapping up another amazing year at uni and getting ready to start what turned out to be an incredible placement at ILOVETOUR! 

It all started when I was flown out to rep a week at Festival Italia followed by a week at Saloufest in 2013. Being a part of the dedicated rep teams was an amazing way to spend my Easter holidays and get a feel for what I would be working towards for the next year! After each week consisting of long hours and the most incredible food, when departure day arrived it was OUR time to be on tour for one night and one night only! The details however I must not disclose as it is a treat for only those with the best job in the business - the amazing ILOVETOUR rep team!

I have to say, I have never experienced tiredness before like when I was on tour! But back to reality, I started in the office a few months later. My role as sales co-ordinator began with the first few months spent on the road attending freshers fairs and meeting new key clients. I loved getting to know our group leaders throughout the year but of course the highlight was knowing that at the end of tour, we had fulfilled our promise of providing an ‘essential life experience’! By the time tour 2014 came along, we were pumped and buzzing to hold the event we had worked all year towards.

Using all I had learnt, I ran a society trip in Amsterdam, and a few months later spent an incredible week back in the Dam running the one and only Damfest and then it was then back to Salou, but this time as a senior rep! Having a team of 5 in my hotel, we worked long and tiring hours to ensure all students staying had an unforgettable time!

But of course, so did we! In our very limited down time between festivals, we celebrated fake birthdays, got our hair braided by what turned out the be ‘illegal’ hair braiders and made life long friends who I still meet up with now for what are ALWAYS incredible nights out!

From working with our key clients, to helping build the event, there was never a dull day in the office and it is safe to say I built life long friends not only from the rep team but within the office also! Working with people that all have a huge passion for these events makes our work worthwhile and creates a close and dedicated team! Iis an amazing place to work and I enjoyed every single day!

So whilst I leave Damfest in the trusty hands of my colleagues and pack my 50,000 staff, tour and On The Pond tops, I couldn’t be sadder to miss out on a year of tour planning and will be wiping away the tears with every ILOVETOUR facebook status I read! For now though it is back to uni and I will see you all on tour 2015!


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For the final time,

Tour love,