10 ways to make tour last all summer

Submitted by Emma.kelly on Wed, 08/20/2014 - 12:10
Tour summer

Are you missing the sound of megaphones, horns and chants (maybe not when it is 6 o’clock in the morning)? But we certainly are! We have recently had our MASSIVE tour reunion and once again are suffering from post-tour blues.

Now summer has well and truly begun, at ILOVETOUR HQ we remember what it was like to have over 2 months seperated from our teams and legendary Wednesday night socials!

We have come up with our top 10 ways to keep the legacy of tour continuing all the way through to September and to make sure you are never too far away from your team mates! 


The List!

1. Go to a festival

With our summer festival On The Pond giving Glastonbury a good run for it’s money, that doesn’t have to be the end of the summer madness. There are so many festivals to get involved in the UK this summer so grab your wellies and bumbags and buy your tickets!

2. Set up a mini sports tournament

Missing your sport? Join your local team or set up a mini tournament to keep it up all summer long!

3. Arrange a mid-summer social

We bet you are already missing your team but in summer you have to plan ahead!  Set a date to have a massive mid-summer social and make sure everyone books it off work!

4. Make a tour 2014 video or collage of all your trip highlights

One of the best things about tour is the legacy always lives on – we are still laughing about things that happened back in our touring days! Capture the memories and make a collage or video montage. We have seen many of your videos on Youtube already and we love them! Check out our official video below!

5. Plan a mini group break

At ILOVETOUR we are big on making sure you keep the team together! As well as putting on the greatest event on Earth, we also specialise in tailormade trips to European destinations so grab some friends and head to Amsterdam for as little as £99!

6. Make a summer playlist

Travelling around the country to see your uni friends can be hard work so it is ESSENTIAL you create a summer playlist to ease the pain of travelling. You can always guarantee there is that one annoying song that becomes your summer anthem!  

7. Get to the beach

One of the best things on tour is hanging out with your team on the beach. Whether you want to practise stunts, play some tag rugby or throw an ILOVETOUR frisbee, make time to go no matter where you live in the country!

8. Work hard, play hard

However are you going to afford all those socials and tour next year without some dollar? You don’t want to be that one person who has to miss out because they ran out of money! Get earning the pennies and put together a budget which will last you.

9. Go to a new city

The joy of uni is that your friends now seem to live in every area of the country. So time to spread your wings, discover the other side of the UK and get a taster of the range of UK nightlife!

10. Plan tour 2015!

If you have a spare night, grab a few friends, sit down with a scrap book and get planning the next tour for your club! Contact us at ILOVETOUR if you want any new information regarding destinations, dates and prices. We have a big suprise in store this year so make sure you keep your eyes peeled on our facebook page!

Enjoy your summer!