Where to next? 10% DISCOUNT CODE!

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Now that summer is really over #BESTSUMMEREVER, reality is beginning to settle in.


It’s time to stock up on those Pot Noodles, get yourself a family sized box of Yorkshire teabags and get ready for another incredible year!

We know, we really know, the thought of the cold weather and upcoming academic year can be a little daunting. But nobody panic,



As always, ILOVETOUR are here to SAVE THE DAY!


Tour 2019 Bookings Now Open!

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We’ve been keeping quiet and secretly putting the magical Tour elves to good work, but you may not have heard us tiptoeing around like the incredible Tour ballerinas that we are.

Shout out to those with supersonic hearing that noticed us!


The invitations have been sent, the dress is hanging in the wardrobe and the cake looks even more spectacular than the sunset in Croatia. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating, nothing looks that incredible!



Save The Date!

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After 18 long years of happiness and love, we decided it was finally the time to ask the question…

and of course, YOU SAID YES!


We open our welcoming arms wide to old friends and new – let’s raise our glasses in the masses and toast,



All the family at ILOVETOUR can finally confirm, the wheels are now in motion, the Tour cogs are whirring away, and the magical Tour elves have returned from retirement to offer you…





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Keep yourself and your team safe on ILOVETOUR 2017!

#TeamTour aims to promote a safe inclusive environment for everyone to have fun. We want to make sure Tour is unforgettable for all the right reasons.


Team Behaviour

Peer pressure, bullying and disrespectful behaviour is a no go. Everyone is welcome on Tour and everyone has their own limits, please respect your fellow tourers and more importantly yourself. 


How to supersize your Tour

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If you didn't already know the deadline to pay off your Tour balance is 27th Jan - get on it! Missing out on Tour is not cool! 

To pay off your Tour balance click here>

Deadline times on 27th January:

Croatia Week 1 (2-8 April 2017): 9.30am |  Croatia Week 2 (9-15 April 2017): 9.30am |  Croatia Week 3 (17 - 23 April): midnight


Deposit deadline FAQs

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How much is the deposit payment and when is the deadline?

A deposit of £75 needs to be paid before midnight on 30th November, in order to secure your place on tour.

BE WARNED with a record number of deposits received Tour may sell out before the deadline.

PAY NOW to secure your place


What time is the ILOVETOUR office open on the deadline day?


Saloufest Update

Submitted by Emma.kelly on Fri, 10/07/2016 - 14:10

ILOVETOUR can confirm that after 16 incredible years, we will not be running Saloufest in 2017.


We apologise to those loyal customers who had set their hearts on experiencing the legend of Saloufest one more time in 2017. Our phenomenal Croatia and Italy festivals are still operating as normal, though we urge customers to get their bookings in ASAP as space is running low.



Win the ultimate trip for your Society or Sports Team with Campus Society!

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Campus Society is a space where students can instantly connect and collaborate with anyone at their university, or any other university at that.

It is a platform that enables students to network and share knowledge with students just like them, worldwide. A place where students can explore a wealth of different topics and student communities.


Tour Squad Goals

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Tour Squad Goals
Tour Squad Goals

With all the sun, sea and sporting shenanigans which ensue on tour, comes the need for heightened awareness and responsibility, not only for your own personal welfare, but for your friends and fellow squad members as well.

ILOVETOUR have always advocated safety on tour, and 2016 is no different. So here are a few tour squad goals which we kindly ask you to consider, before you set-off on your tour of a lifetime over the next few weeks...


SalouFest Students kick start a bumper year in Spain!

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ILOVETOUR 2016 Safety Campaign
ILOVETOUR 2016 Safety Campaign
In just a few days time nearly 20,000 ILOVETOUR university students will be boarding COACHES and flights bound for mainland Europe on an Easter Springbreak sports tour of a lifetime.

Since the 1990's the cost-effective choice of tour for sports students has been to head to organised multi-sport easter festivals, however back then options were somewhat limited and the Isle of Man was the only go-to destination!