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Sports & Activities

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You play it? We got it!

Here at ‘I Love Tour’ we are a bunch of sports junkies and so far we have 26 different sports available.


Our qualified sports officials are ready and waiting for some serious competition this Easter. So do you university proud and get out there !! 



Sport/Activity Mens Womens Mixed
Badminton Y Y Y
Basketball Y Y N
Beach Cricket Y Y Y
Beach Flag Football Y Y Y
Bowling Y Y Y
Boxing Y Y N
Cheerleading N Y Y
Dance Y Y Y
Futsal (5 a side) Y Y N
Gaming (Fifa/Halo) Y Y Y
Hockey Y Y Y
Lacrosse Y Y Y
Men's Football (11 a side) Y N N
Mixed Martial Arts Y Y Y
Netball N Y Y
Pool Y Y Y
Rugby (15's and Beach 7's) Y Y N
Rugby League Y Y N
Tennis Y Y Y
Ultimate Frisbee Y Y Y
Volleyball Y Y Y
Waterpolo Y Y N
Women's Football N Y N